"The key phrase is ‘you’re quite lovely when you’re angry.’ Any moment you see ‘you’re so cute when you’re mad!’ it’s an alarm that a shitlord this way comes. Men probably believe it’s disarming and flattering (no); what it is is an attempt to exert control and invalidate a woman’s anger. You laugh at a kid getting mad. You laugh at a little dog getting mad. You laugh at a woman getting mad, because she’s like a child or a small dog and you don’t believe her anger is either legitimate or will cause her to honestly punch you in your worthless fucking face. (Though if she does punch you or otherwise upset you for real it’s time to pull out the ‘hysterical mentally unstable bitch!’ cards, at which point she is no longer a delicate waif but a bitch who deserves whatever she gets–rape threats, disproportionate violence, etc.)"
the feisty shrew - the misogynistic comedy of women beating men
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