I thought the first paper I did for my Caribbean Piracy class was crap, but it’s actually hilarious. We were supposed to make up a pirate crew whose ship then sank.

On the 5th day of May in 1716, a beast of a ship docked itself on the north shore of the island of Aruba. Five large black masts rose up from the mighty schooner, casting a vast shadow over the shore. A flag was perched atop the center mast, bearing a symbol that resembled a numeric “three”, but with its open end facing skyward. This flag belonged to a rogue crew of scallywags known across the seas as the Booty Plunderers. Booty Plunderers they were, and plunder booty they did.”

That last line is what got me through the paper, because I thought it was sooo funny. Also their flag has a butt on it LOL

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